• Jun 17, 2014
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Home Decor Inspiration: Summer Blooms

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Love those summer blooms? Use them to inspire your home décor. Your favorite summer bloom could be the perfect place to start. And don’t worry, just because your design is inspired by a flower doesn’t mean your walls, windows, flooring and furniture need to be covered in them.  Think about what you love about your favorite flower. Is it the color, the sentiment behind it or even the scent? Pull these aspects into your room and see what blooms.


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Be Creative.

Starting from a flower may seem a bit intimidating and difficult at first, but it can be a lot simpler than it seems. Especially if you're willing to get creative. Think outside the box. Maybe your favorite aspect of the flower is the stem or the leaves rather than the petals. Design your space based on a smaller part of the bigger flower, you'll be surprised how easy and rewarding it turns out to be.


Get Colorful.

Nature has a way of coordinating and matching colors we may have never even thought to use before. Use nature's color combinations to accessorize your space and map out a color palette for a room design. Using the many shades within one flower will leave you with plenty of design and color options without having to over think it! SummerBlooms3

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Stay Natural.

That being said, however, it can be easy to get carried away. Nature is colorful and creative, but it's never overly complicated. Keep the design clean and simple, using nature as your guide.

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